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August 2011: The growth of psychopathy in business and politics. There are about 600,000 psychopaths in Britain, many of whom gravitate towards the top echelons of business, finance and politics, more than was first thought. According to Paul Corry, of the mental health charity Rethink, "These are people who are extremely focused on achieving their goals, and who are not too concerned about other people's feelings."

August 2011: Reflections on the London Riots of 2011. Criminality, greed and lack of discipline? Certainly, but when we talk of 'a society built on greed and immediate gratification, a society lacking in morals, discipline or social responsibility', are we not talking also of politicians and bankers who berate criticism of high pay in business and banking on the basis that we need to pay the highest to employ the best to get us out of our economic woes. Prosecute those who caused damage during the riots, but what of those who caused our economic woes for their own gain, and continue in their positions, often with increased bonuses? Should they not also suffer a similar fate, otherwise are we not emphasising an increase in a two tiered society of those who have not and those who have control?